Find Better Candidates, Hire Smarter

Saba’s Recruiting@Work sets a new standard by creating a collaborative and predictive hiring process that not only identifies the best internal and external candidates, but also accelerates the new hires’ time-to-productivity.

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Build your talent pool, source top candidates


  • Leverage machine learning technology to search for great internal and external candidates

  • Tap social networks to find the right candidate—active or passive

  • Easily post your requisitions to external job boards with Saba’s pre-configured connectors

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Make smarter decisions, collaborate to win top talent


  • Private, collaborative workspaces allow hiring teams to discuss and review candidates

  • Rate and comment on candidates, ensuring a better collaborative interview experience

  • Remove subjectivity from the hiring process by comparing potential hires on an n-box grid

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Win top candidates, speed up hiring process


  • High definition, multi-point video interviewing with record and playback capability

  • Anytime, anywhere access with fully featured mobile recruiting application

  • Streamline selection process with custom assessments

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