Advantages of Mobile Learning in the Digital Learning Age

Technology has disrupted various industries, and the education sector is no exception. Smartphones have taken over the world, and has now become the most preferred device to access the internet. As such, mobile learning has discovered new dimensions of learning and avenues for personal growth. Today, working adults across the world ultilise mobile devices for further learning opportunities.


The Best Gamification Apps for Adults in 2019

The learning curve for working adults can be steep when it comes to picking up the most up-to-date skills, or knowledge from a different industry. The, combined with the fact that the attention span of an average adult ranges between 10 to 20 minutes, poses a challenge when an instructor is trying to pass on information, especially during a business skills training. However, game-based learning could be a perfect solution this.


The Effectiveness of Storytelling in Enhancing Corporate E-Learning

When it comes to corporate eLearning, storytelling remains one of the most effective ways of engaging and teaching learners. However, to make storytelling effective in corporate e-learning, trainers and employers need to find the right balance.