How Learning Management Systems Change the Education Market

LMSs today have shifted all the activities employed in the traditional classrooms and made them available online. They are no longer solely applied in education facilities, but are an important part of the corporate training and development.


E-Learning and Gamification

Ever since its introduction, e-Learning has continually improved, with new elements being added regularly. One of the most notable additions of recent time is gamification. Similar to its application in other areas of activity, gamification in e-Learning aims to increase engagement and make it more exciting to the learners.


The Future of the Corporate Learning Management System (LMS)

Today, e-Learning is dependent on learning management systems (LMS). lms have been gaining popularity over the last couple of years and going forward there is a vibrant market for e-Learning services that offer reliable talent management, solid training, and efficient organisational development.


The Newest E-Learning Trends in Singapore That You Should Know About

E-Learning in Singapore has come a long way and it is influenced by global trends in the eLearning industry. Over the years, development in infrastructure, demographic profile, demand for skilled workers and the ICT sectors has contributed to the growth of e-Learning in Singapore. In this article, we look at the newest trends shaping the e-Learning industry in Singapore that you should know about.


Global E-Learning Trends In 2019

With every New Year, learning and development trends change for the better. 2019 has not been any different and according to Forbes, the e-Learning industry has impacted the world economy positively. Many people have given their predictions about the growth of the industry, but they all revolve around two topics, artificial technology and m-learning. In this article, we look at the global trends that will change e-Learning in 2019 and beyond.


Top Mobile Learning Trends for Corporate Training

In today’s day and age, it is expected of employers to take on the responsibility of improving the skillset of their employees, so as to increase their productivity. It was not till two decades ago, that an average employee would work at an organisation solely reliant on the skills and knowledge gained from their education prior to joining the workforce. However, this practice is increasingly becoming phased out brought about by significant changes to the dynamics of the corporate space.


Game-Based Learning in Singapore: How Learning Can be Made Enjoyable

Game-based learning is gaining traction especially with the advancement of education technology. Contrary to popular belief, game-based learning is more than a way of making learning enriching and informative yet fun even for a mature demographic like working adults. When designed with a purpose, it can provide crucial support to the learning process of students.


Examples of Scenario-Based Learning in Different Industries

Scenario-based learning has been widely applied in both formal and informal eLearning. Essentially, scenario-based learning incorporates real-life scenarios to support active learning, comprehension, and applications of the lessons learnt.