Top Learning Management Systems

LMSs in more straightforward terms are applications used in administering, tracking, and report as well as deliver learning and training programs. There are learning management systems for schools, corporates medical institutions, among other industries.


How to Ensure Effective Online or Blended Learning

In 2000, approximately 45-000 K-12 students were taking online courses. However, today, there are over 3 million students and employees taking online courses with many of the computers or devices in schools or their place of work or seminar.


Gamification to Boost Business - How It Works

The easiest way to improve a business is by having a productive workforce. A company that motivates its employees can quickly realize and even exceed its potential. The question is, how can gamification drive business performance?


Gamification and Gamified Training - The Future of HR?

The increasing interest in gamifying the modern workplace is proof of the evolution taking place in the human resource industry. Businesses are no longer exclusively focusing on the skillsets when recruiting new employees. Instead, they are looking to develop hired individuals that are content with working under the conditions and environment they are offered.


How Learning Management Systems Change the Education Market

LMSs today have shifted all the activities employed in the traditional classrooms and made them available online. They are no longer solely applied in education facilities, but are an important part of the corporate training and development.


E-Learning and Gamification

Ever since its introduction, e-Learning has continually improved, with new elements being added regularly. One of the most notable additions of recent time is gamification. Similar to its application in other areas of activity, gamification in e-Learning aims to increase engagement and make it more exciting to the learners.


The Future of the Corporate Learning Management System (LMS)

Today, e-Learning is dependent on learning management systems (LMS). lms have been gaining popularity over the last couple of years and going forward there is a vibrant market for e-Learning services that offer reliable talent management, solid training, and efficient organisational development.


The Newest E-Learning Trends in Singapore That You Should Know About

E-Learning in Singapore has come a long way and it is influenced by global trends in the eLearning industry. Over the years, development in infrastructure, demographic profile, demand for skilled workers and the ICT sectors has contributed to the growth of e-Learning in Singapore. In this article, we look at the newest trends shaping the e-Learning industry in Singapore that you should know about.